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Providing support through difficult times, our Advice, Guidance and Support Service has, over many years, given support to members of the local community as part of the Sandwell Advice Network. Refugees/Assylum Seekers, Homeless/Roofless, those struggling with debt, difficult legal papers papers, and those just needing local information have all found help at our support centre. Centrepoint has provided Citizen Advocates to support those going to court, case conferences, difficult interviews, and employment related interviews. 

With trained and experienced support workers we offer a quality provision to those requiring our services FREE OF CHARGE.

The Support Centre is open

Monday-Thursday from 10.00am-4.00pm





From  signposting you to local service providers to direct assistance with client advisors, citizen advocates, escort services and community outreach workers  delivering a wide range of services for those requiring support with welfare benefits, housing, health access and employment related issues.






Debt Management Plans offer a flexible alternative for people who cannot commit to the level of payments needed in an IVA. With a DMP, all unsecured debts are consolidated into a single monthly payment (which is based on how much you can afford to repay).
You can include all personal loans, overdrafts, store cards, and credit card debts on a debt mangagement plan. You won’t need to take out another loan or additional credit, as you will not be required to borrow more money.

We’ll negotiate with your creditors for reduced payments, and request that interest and charges are frozen to make finances simpler and easier to manage‚ however this cannot be guaranteed.

You simply make your monthly payment to us and we will deal with everything else, including all creditor demand letters and telephone calls.

Debts are repaid in full, but at a level that is affordable to you. Repaying debts at a lower level will increase the length of time taken to repay debts.


Many requests for assistance can be dealt with when you drop-in.

For those requests for assistance that require a Client Advisor, an appointment may need to be made at the reception desk upon your arrival or by telephone.

We will do our utmost to make this appointment as soon as possible and given you the quality time you require.

Should you, however, need to cancel an appointment, please also do this as soon as possible.

Any NO SHOW will result in your subsequent request for assistance potentially taking a lower priority.




We are Food Bank agents and can give out local Food Bank Vounchers to those with accomodation but temporarily short of funds. 

Midweek food parcels are also available during office hours.

[Proof of identification and accommodation is required when requesting food support.]


Having access to a number of translators working alongside our advisers means we can extend our  offer of assistance and support to a wider range of migrant people groups; particularly of Eastern European origin. These services include replacement I.D. cards/Passports, Repatriation, Health and Benefit support, Trafficking related issues, and Housing


A ten week programme to help you with CV's Job searching, preparation for interviews etc all you need to give you the support to get back into employment or further training or education.

Providing quality support through the difficult times of unemployment, our Training Support Service has, over many years, given support to those seeking to get back either into employment or education. There are often serious barriers to getting empolyment and our skilled trainers offer, free of charge, a variety of support opportunities to enable those serious about engaging with employment or education a boost, a lift, a Step Up in achieving their personal goals in life.

Drop in and discuss with one of our client advisors what assistance you require.


With Voluntary Staff trained with NVQ's in Advice & Guidance trained from levels 2-4, Centrepoint offers a range of services.


Centrepoint Christian Church Advice & Guidance Unit seeks to deliver the highest quality of service to our providers.

We are working to receive nationally recognised accreditation through the MATRIX scheme. Centrepoint is seeking to be compliant with the National Policy Framework for IAG services, which defines at a national level the information and advice services which adults should be entitled to expect and the standards to which those services should be delivered. It also includes an Action Plan which sets out how consistent, high quality and accessible IAG services for adults will be delivered. 



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