Easter Day Resurection Service




Dear Friend,


Just below the Equator, off the coast of Ecuador, lies Easter Island. On this island are many large statues, towering above the landscape.


islandExperts have tried to figure out how they were carved, moved, and positioned; hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years before the invention of heavy equipment.






While the answers to this riddle may be long in coming, there is a certain aptness in naming the area, Easter Island. Indeed, there is significance to this story that goes beyond the riddle of how these statues came to be in the first place.


Many of the Easter Island statues seemingly face the Sea, as though they are waiting for something or someone. They almost seem like sentinels awaiting the arrival of something or someone.


island crossThis year 2013, we at Centrepoint Christian Church anxiously await Easter Sunday, for it is truly a high point in the life of our church. Easter Sunday is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.




Unlike the mute statues of Easter Island, we announce to all our friends, “Easter is coming!”  With its coming is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection and the affirmation of our own hopes as well.


This year, our church members and friends are inviting their friends to celebrate Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday.


I am asking you and your family to plan now to accept this invitation to be with us on this great day, Sunday, March 31st, 2013 at 2pm.  We would be honoured!




In His' Service


Pastors David & Denise


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