GSUS West Bromwich 2013 

Returning Autumn



 The GSUS Live trailer is a purpose built mobile classroom which introduces Jesus' teachings on the themes of Fear, Forgiveness, and Rejection. 


GSUS Live is an interactive multi-media experience, which is designed to show the relevance of Jesus and his teaching in today’s world, through the stories of three teenagers.



GSUS Live is a resource that is available to secondary schools. The aim of GSUS Live is to show that Jesus is relevant today. There are two mobile classrooms with a fully functioning multimedia computer suite as the core of the hardware. They are designed to take classes of up to 32 Key Stage pupils for a 45 to 60 minute lesson and will provide a stimulating environment in which they can investigate Jesus' teachings on Forgiveness, Fear, and Rejection.


The GSUS Live  has been rebooked to come to West Bromwich Autumn of 2016. 

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