What's been going on at Centrepoint?

Food for Thought on Lent

A few things to think about during this Lenten season and an exciting new series of training and conferences.

Centrepoint Housing Project

Centrepoint's first house with Hope into Action gains it's first two tenants!

A note on New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone knows them. Everyone make them. New year’s resolutions. Stop smoking. Eating healthy. Going to the gym to do more sport. I, personally, want to use my phone less and use my free time for activities like reading or going for a walk in a park.  
There’s just one problem with new year’s resolutions. It’s hard to realize them and keep them. So why using so much energy on realizing those resolutions which we’ll forget after a few months anyway?  
I am not suggesting that New Year‘s Resolution are futile, quiet the opposite. If we consider the New Year to be a time to refresh and revitalize out faith, it can be very productive.   
I made a list of four Christian resolutions which I will try to realize this year and I challenge you to do the same.   

Celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday!

On Friday , 10th of June , Centrepoint ‘s second Encounter took place at Cielo Coffee. It was a nice evening with a colourful programme. Pastor David presented the past 90 decades talking about the Queen’s life, special events that happened in each period of time and telling jokes that were very popular back then. Also, there were songs played out of every decade and the audience was invited to sing along to them. Peter Chaplain of the YMCA , read some of the Queen’s poems in between the songs and shared a Christian input. Tracy one of Centrepoint’s members, performed a beautiful dance to the song ‘Hero’ by Mariah Carey.

Encounter at Cielo Coffee Shop

On Friday, 22nd of April 2016, Centrepoint’s first Encounter took place. At 7pm, people came in, took a seat and enjoyed Cielo’s delicious drinks and snacks. There were two live music acts. The first one started at 7.30pm, it was James Charlesworth. He played a mixture of pop songs, reggae, a bit of Indie and also Christian worship songs. Paul and Rachel were next and performed a variety of beautiful Christian worship songs. All in all, the evening was a success. People clearly enjoyed the nice atmosphere, the great music and of course the great coffee.

Eager about Easter!

We had a big event in March: Easter. On Good Friday the members of different churches in our area came together at the Wesley Church to start the early Good Friday Marsh through West Bromwich. People sang worship songs, listened to short inputs by some of the church leaders and enjoyed conversations and hot crossed buns with tea and coffee afterwards. At 1pm, the Easter Party for children, organized by our German volunteer Rebekka, started. They played many funny Easter Games, painted eggs and did a Bible Easter Egg Trail. They had lots of fun!

Preach in Polish!

On Sunday the 21th of February, Centrepoint had a visit from Pastor Marek Charis from Poland. He joined the regular service in the morning and in the afternoon, Pastor Marek led a Polish service that was well attended. He sang many Polish worship songs and even though the congregation of Centrepoint could not understand them, everyone enjoyed it as some of them even tried to join and to sing in Polish. Pastor Marek also gave little talks in between the different songs. Centrepoint’s Church member Piotr gave his testimony and also translated for Pastor David as he made an appeal to those who wanted to get to know Jesus and to become Christians at the end of the service. All in all, five people gave their life to Christ. Centrepoint is going to start the Polish Alpha course again. It will take place Sundays at 2pm. Everyone is welcome to join and to support our Polish community.

Dancing in the New Year!

On the 31st of December 2015, Centrepoint celebrated the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 with a party including a Talent show, Karaoke and games. With a big variety of different foods, snacks and mocktails and an entertaining program, everyone had a great time. The night ended with colourful and bright fireworks. We from Centrepoint are very grateful for such a blessed and good year where God provided in many different ways.

Hair-free for Charity!

On Thursday, the 29th of October, Centrepoint Christian Church had a special event taking place. Helen Rich, a woman with beautiful long hair decided to get her hair cut for charity. After letting it grow for six years, she made the decision to donate it for the sake of people that lose their hair because of diseases such as cancer . She also decided to donate the money she raised through sponsors to Centrepoint Christian Church. What an amazing example for generosity!

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