"It is staggering to even begin to realise
that the whole process by which God's will
is done on earth depends on an
interceeding church"
Jack Hayford

Monday Night Prayer Meetings

A time to really worship God, listen to his voice, be impacted by the power of his love, and beg God earnestly to send revival to our nation. 


Join us at our Monday night prayer meetings at Centrepoint Christian Church, starting at 6:00pm.

Prayer Wall

Join up to the West Bromwich Prayer Wall where you can seriously commit to an hour of prayer a week for Transformational Revival in West Bromwich. For further details please contact the office.

Sandwell Priory Well Prayer

The Priory was the historical birthplace of Christianity in Sandwell, to this place we return, to beg God to to pour his spirit and fresh annointing over his children and to change every soul in this country by the power of his name. 


Local christians meet on a monthly basis on Saturdays at the Sandwell Valley Farm Car Park at 10:30 and walk to the Sandwell Priory Well to Pray for West Bromwich. All are welcome.

Meetings are normally the second Saturday of the Month. Please contact us for any changes.

Street Watch Prayer

What about praying for the Street and Neighbours of the street where you live? Do you really want to see God move in your area?

Then contact us and ask for a Prayer Watch start-up pack with window sticker and prayer guide.

Bringing glory to the most high, we long for others to join us in our mission of working amongst the lost. The  greatest place to start is prayer, the power of prayer is beyond our greatest imagination  because we are praying to a mind-blowing Jehovah-Elyon, the Lord Most High. 

prayer request

We have recently cleared out the Pastors office in order to change its usage for prayer. Our new Prayer Room will be accessible for prayer 12 hours per day, hoping to move to 24 hours shortly, as the Lord leads.

Through fervent prayer we believe that the Holy Spirit will come and visit West Bromwich and Sandwell with Transforming Revival. The tide is changing and God is moving in supernatural power. We witness the Spiritual awakening everyday in all that our Lord is doing.

Please pray with us that our Lord will come and flood this dry and thirsty land. - Pastor Denise

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